In today’s dynamic horizontal completion market, service providers must be able to adapt and deliver high quality solutions. Voltage Wireline’s e-coil fleet is solely owned and operated eliminating the need for more than one service provider. Having the versatility of conventional wireline and the rigidness of tubing, e-coil has proven to be a reliable and safe method in reducing completion costs.


  • Horizontal Perforating and Setting Services
  • Horizontal Logging (Casing Inspection, Production Logging, CBL, RBL, Temperature injection Profile, CHAT
  • Pipe Recovery
  • Camera Services
Voltage Wireline E-Coil
Pump Down – HZ Completions

Pump Down

In today’s dynamic horizontal completions market Voltage understands the need for fast, safe and reliable deployment of multi-gun/plug configurations in horizontal wells. Voltage Wireline Inc. uses industry leading Pump down Perforating technology alongside experienced field specialists to ensure the client’s needs are met on time without incident.

  • 10,000 – 15,000 PSI pressure control
  • Addressable plug and perforating systems

Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP)

Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) services have proven to be a reliable and cost effective method for perforating large or small intervals in highly deviated and horizontal wells, Voltage can use its expertise to supply the optimal configuration to meet the clients need.

Horizontal Formation Evaluation

Voltage Wireline Inc is a licensed user of the Cased Hole Analyses Tool (CHAT) technology. This unique through casing Neutron Density tool has many applications and conveyance methods providing the ability to analyse horizontal well bores through casing with Open Hole quality results.


  • Optimizing Frac Port placement through comprehensive reservoir analysis
  • Accurate porosity profile
  • Neutron – density plot indicating regions of gas effected rock
  • Bulk water volume
  • Depletion monitoring of producing reservoirs
  • Problem well diagnostics