Our Number One Priority

Health, Safety & Environment

The petroleum and natural gas business is subject to extensive regulation pursuant to various municipal, provincial, national, and international conventions and regulations. Environmental legislation provides for, among other things, restrictions and prohibitions on spills, releases or emissions of various substances produced in association with oil and natural gas operations.

Voltage is committed to meeting and exceeding its environmental and safety responsibilities. Voltage has implemented an environmental and safety policy that is designed, at a minimum to comply with current governmental regulations set for the oil and natural gas industry. Changes to governmental regulations are monitored to ensure compliance. Environmental reviews are completed as part of the due diligence process when evaluating acquisitions.

Environmental and safety updates are presented and discussed at each Board of Directors’ meeting. Voltage maintains adequate insurance commensurate with industry standards to cover reasonable risks and potential liabilities associated with its activities as well as insurance coverage for officers and directors executing their corporate duties.

“Through everyone’s active participation, the company can attain our commitment to quality services and the wellness of our people.”

Where Safety Starts

We believe we can achieve a safe and productive company by:

  • Communicating with our employees to ensure they clearly understand workplace hazards, risks, expectations and procedures.
  • Managing risk through the identification, evaluation and elimination or control of workplace hazards.
  • Ensuring that management demonstrates an active leadership role, show commitment and provide support to the Health and Safety Program in all aspects of operations, supplying required resources and expertise to address safety management issues.
  • Ensuring that Supervisors, Operators and employees at every level clearly understand job related responsibilities, are adequately qualified, suitably trained and have sufficient experience to perform work competently.
  • Ensuring that workers service and maintain tools and equipment in good working condition and fully utilize all personal protective equipment at their disposal.
  • Employees at every level clearly understand and comply with company policies and safe work practices as well as Occupational Health and Safety
  • Regulations, Provincial and Federal Regulations as applicable to the Industry such as Alberta Transportation and The Petroleum Industry Guiding Principles for Worker Safety.
  • Through continuous improvement in incident management and investigation procedures which, identify and correct deficiencies and communicate this knowledge with others.
  • Ongoing evaluation of our health and safety management system, policies and safe work practices.